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The Pandora Trilogy eBook versions of titles that might be familliar, completely revamped to stand alone, starring space-adventurer and all round trouble-magnet Pandora Delbane.

Click on the cover-images to buy at Amazon US for for around $1.49. Or click on Ship of Fools, The Mary-Sue Extrusion and/or Fractured Planet to buy at Amazon UK for 99p.

Whole Bunch of Benny Stuff And there's more where that came from, believe you me. Check out Big Finish for the whole stories.

"So for a long time - years now, really - I've had this growing suspicion that everything was, well, everything was just wrong…"

Jason Kane - author, adventurer, hero and inveterately polysyllabic hyperbolist. Now join him on his most exciting adventure yet!

He's going to Hell and back on an impossible quest to stop a man with the powers of a god. Along the way there's monsters and explosions and unseemly contretemps in the odd posh restaurant. The battle will be hard and require every last iota of Jason's famous cunning. What can possibly go wrong?

[Bernice Summerfield is away.]

A full length audio-drama from Big Finish, starring the cast. A copy of the script can be had by clicking on the cover image or here.

The Drome was set up with the best - or at least the most blatantly venal - of intentions. A self-contained planetoid-community, wired with microcams, designed to pump out product to the GalNet media-stream twenty-six hours a Galactic Standard Day.

But now the Medium is rotting minds and turning them to murder. The machine is turning out brain-dead zombies, setting them to stumble through the twists and turns of some inhuman and unguessable plan - and Professor Bernice Summerfield, and her ex-husband Jason, are caught in the middle of it!

Now Benny finds herself in a desperate fight for her life. A fight so desperate that she will be forced to do something she has never done before, a horror that she never imagined she could bring herself to commit. The worst thing in the world.

From Big Finish. A copy of the script - including the preliminary and/or alternate lyrics to The Song - can be got by clicking on the cover image or here.

A Somewhat Lesser Preponderance of Black Flame Stuff, which you might be able to track down used.


Judge Dredd: War Planet, Big Finish. 70 min approx.

On the trail of wanted fugitive Efil Drago San, Judges Dredd and Karyn must enter the Boronos System - a no-go zone, the crossing of its borders regarded as an Act of Interstellar War. And that's just the start of their problems, problems which include sudden abduction, exsanguination, overenthusiastic space-pirates, perilous escape-plans, a nice cup of tea ... and a captured Justice One coming at them like a bullet to the head.

Yet another all-new full-cast audio drama from Big Finish Productions, guest-starring the entirely estimable Mr Stephen Greif from some old sci-fi show or other. A copy of the script can be downloaded here.

Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Green Eyed Monsters, Big Finish. 70 min approx.

It isn't all fun for a new mum. Not only do you have to deal with the lack of sleep, the occasional embarrassing leak and the constant round of unexploded nappies - you have to deal with a couple of testeronically-charged idiots who won't get it through their skulls that you don't want either of them to be the dad. Even though one of them technically is.

So when Benny gets the chance to skip off for a while, heading into a Goronos System packed with duplicity and peril, there to authenticate certain highly significant artefacts and totems, she doesn't have to think twice. Only, sometimes - as she'll learn - when heading into duplicity and peril, itís not a good idea to leave a hostage to fortune behind ...

Another all-new full-cast audio drama from Big Finish Productions, starring Lisa Bowerman. A copy of the script can be downloaded here.

Judge Dredd: The Killing Zone, Big Finish. 70 min approx.

Just another day in the Big Meg, and another thousand deaths. People are dry-diving out of hab-blocks, piling up on the Interways ... but deep below the urban sprawl, their also being slaughtered in the city's number one snuff-fix! The Killing Zone audience share is sky high - and with the Judges able to stop these games, their reputation is at an all-time low. For Joe Dredd this is an outrage. The Law must be seen to be served. Justice must be seen to be done - at any cost.

Judge Dredd: The Killing Zone is available to buy from Big Finish Productions. A copy of the script, for those who might be interested, is available here.


Citadel of Dreams, Telos. 107 pp. In the city-state of Hokesh, time is playing tricks; the present is unreliable, the future impossible to intimate. A derelict street child, Joey Quine, finds himself subject to horrifying visions and fugues. His only friend in this, the only one to whom he can turn for help, is a mysterious stranger who calls herself Ace. And in an unknowable future the Doctor is busily inciting a state of bloody unrest, on the basis that one must be cruel to be kind - and both simultaneously, for preference.

The Glorious Ruler of the city, Magnus Solaris, is worried: his memory is failing him; his influence deserting him; his city is falling apart. What is happening to him truly? Only the Doctor knows - and he's not telling. There is worse to come. As both world and time crumble, Magnus Solaris and Joey Quine will unearth secrets the like of which nobody in Hokesh could have ever possibly suspected.

The second of Telos Publishing's series of original Doctor Who Novellas is a tale of intrigue and horror from Dave Stone, the acclaimed author of the Doctor Who novels Sky Pirates!, Heart of TARDIS and The Slow Empire amongst others. 'People were wondering where we might be going with the Novellas,' says David J Howe, general editor of the Novellas range, 'and with Citadel of Dreams we have a superb story, by turns amusing and horrifying, and an audacious breadth of imagination seldom seen in Doctor Who writing.'

Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Infernal Nexus, Big Finish. 188 pp. Acting on an abstruse tip-off from the renowned paraphysiologist Dr Rupert Gilhooly - a man who, like, knows a lot of stuff - one Bernice Summerfield has found herself on a probe-ship heading deep into the problematic heart of the galaxy. What she finds there is Station Control, a place that exists simultaneously in four hundred and seventeen dimensions - a brawling souk-like Nexus between every world that can, or has or ever will be. And one of those worlds is Hell.

Bernice knows nothing of the rivalries and power-plays going on here. So she blunders right into them and makes a complete hash of everything, natch. And one of the people she finds, quite frankly, what with one thing and another, she could quite well do without ...

The Slow Empire, BBC Worldwide. 250 pp. Enter, with the Doctor, Anji and Fitz, an Empire where the laws of physics are quite preposterous - nothing can travel faster than the speed of light and time-travel is impossible. A thousand worlds, each believing they are the Centre, each under a malign control of which they themselves are completely unaware.

The Doctor and his friends must piece together the Imperial puzzle and decide what needs to be done. This might be a problem - the soldiers of the Ambassadorial Corps are hard on their heels, their minds are busily fragmenting under metatemporal stress, and their only allies are a man who might not be quite what he seems (and says so at great length) and a creature we shall merely call ... the Collector.

Heart of TARDIS, BBC Worldwide. 282pp. In the American Midwestern town of Lychburg, something is afoot. Citizens are being killed in inexpressibly horrible and nasty ways and the police don't have a clue. The only suspects are a mysterious and sinister stranger, who calls himself the Doctor, and his young companions Jamie and Victoria.

The Doctor and Romana, meanwhile, have been summoned by the Gallifreyan High Council. A force has been unleashed into the space/time continuum, set to tear it apart like a rotten walrus. Of course, since something of this nature happens every other day of the week, the Doctor's far more concerned with the sudden disappearance of an old, close personal friend. And quite right, too. The fate of a universe plunging into fetid and unending chaos can damned well look out for itself, for a change ...

Return to the Fractured Planet, Virgin Books. 252pp. A man in the incipient stages of identity-collapse and a dying Benny must search the Byzantine chaos of the Proximan Chain for the entity bent on turning it into its own private and very personal version of Hell ...

The Mary-Sue Extrusion, Virgin Books. 254pp. The planet Dellah was once one of the cultural centres of the galaxy. Now that culture lies in ruins and things walk through the barren landscape, twisting it to Their unholy will. Only Bernice Summerfield has the pieces to the puzzle that might prevent complete and utter collapse - the problem is, she's missing, and she's not feeling entirely herself ...

Oblivion, for the New Adventures. Virgin Books. 254pp. Something has burst through the worn and patchwork fabric of space/time, like a high-velocity round through a rotten apple. The timelines are cut loose and whipsawing - alternative pasts, presents and futures slicing through the world we think as real. Only one person can stop it. Oh, all right, only a large collection of the usual suspects can stop it - but if they don't, then everything that ever is or was will find itself consigned to ... Oblivion. Natch.

Ship of Fools, for The Missing Adventures. Virgin Books, 248pp. When Krytell Industries offered Benny a small job aboard the majestic cruise liner, the Titanian Queen, she jumped at the chance. Now, the luckless passengers are dropping like flies - is it the work of the fiendish Master Criminal known only as the Cat's Paw? Will the great detective, Emil Dupont, finally stop getting things completely and utterly wrong, and solve it all in time for tea and muffins? DWM and SFX loved it. TV Zone hated it. Quelle surprise.

Burning Heart, for Doctor Who: The Missing Adventures. Virgin/Doctor Who, 250pp. In which the sixth Doctor and Peri encounter the entirely insane religious fanatics of the Church of Oberon. 'This is intended to be a joke or a serious commentary on the dangers of religion, but either way it fails miserably.' - TV Zone.

Death and Diplomacy, Doctor Who: The New Adventures. Virgin/Doctor Who, 280pp. Fiendish bog-Machiavellian machinations on a jade and porphyry space-station and Benny gets the surprise of her life. "Fascinating and compelling ... an amusing, moving and extremely entertaining read. Strongly recommended." - TV Zone.

Sky Pirates! Doctor Who: The New Adventures. Virgin/Doctor Who, 346pp. Panoplous Luminiferous-Aether-opera in a System caught in the grip of horrible, hideous and fibrillating evil! "Dave Stone comes across as Terry Pratchett meets Douglas Adams and a large quantity of LSD." - TV Zone. "... includes gratuitous amounts of swearing, nudity, sexual references, drunkenness, violence and more casual drug-references than you'd hear in a Student Union bar during Freshers' Week." - Doctor Who Magazine.

Wetworks, Judge Dredd. Virgin, 260pp. Dredd meets the now-legendary Sexy Leather PVC Bitch who Kills People. The final comment on That Bloody Movie. "... admirably gritty cyberpunk texture ... an utterly gratuitous scene which begs the question of whether Stone is taking his revenge ..." - Interzone.

The Medusa Seed, Judge Dredd. Virgin, 244pp. Dredd meets Al Capone and Albert Fish. Disturbing, indecipherable and written in ten days on injected amphetamine sulphate. You have been warned.

Deathmasques, Judge Dredd. Virgin, 260pp. Dredd meets Detective Judge Armitage to the jollity and glee of all concerned. "Burn the witch! Burn the witch!" - Comics Showcase.

Short Fiction

A Yuletide Tail a heartwarming seasonal story of giving, starring a certain personage in a big blue wardrobe, and originally written for charity. A copy of the text is available here.

Little Killers for Interzone - the first recorded adventure of Nathan le Shadon, the greatest detective in the post-Martian Invasion Victorian world. A copy of the text is available here.

Moon Graffiti for BBC Worldwide. Sixth Doctor and Peri adventure for Short Trips II, subsequently adapted for audio, by the show's original actors, in Out of the Darkness.

SelaFane. An at some point continuing comedy soap-opera. Contains language, themes and scenarios that may well offend. On the other hand, so what. I really must get around to finishing it.


Armitage: Apostasy in the UK, Judge Dredd Megazine/Rebellion 14pp

Mutilated bodies found in deconsecrated churches throughout the City, cyber-mods plugged into their once-living flesh ... but just what is the connection with the Brit-Cit Church of Grud and Jovus Almighty? And will Armitage and Steel live to tell the tale?

Two-parter appearing in the Judge Dredd Megazine Progs 212 and 213. Further details can be found on the very fine 2000AD Online site.

Copies of the scripts for Part One and Part Two are available for download.

Armitage, Judge Dredd the Megazine, Fleetway Editions. 'Brit-Cit's top Detective Judge' - the English equivalent of Judge Dredd. Character created in conjunction with artist Sean Phillips. Three full-length series: Armitage, the Forbidden Citadel and City of the Dead, plus innumerable shorts, one-shots and text stories.

Scripts for the Armitage four-parter, Bodies of Evidence, are available:

Part 1    Part 2    Part 3    Part 4

Young Armitage, Judge Dredd Megazine. Spin-off from the above, created with artist Charles 'X-File/Walking Dead' Adlard, detailing Armitage's early life as a terrorist in the 21st century British Civil War. Three short series.

Hershey, Judge Dredd Megazine. Stock Fleetway character, developed as a standalone character in her own right, with artist Paul Peart. Subsequently teamed with Armitage's sidekick for a short series, Hershey and Steel. Then taken over by somebody else.

Culling Crew, Fleetway Editions. The sexy Leather PVC etc. strikes again! Series created with artist Steve Sampson. Won the phone-in poll in the Special in which it appears hands-down, and subsequently disappeared without trace. Characters reappeared in Wetworks - see above.

Soul Sisters, Fleetway Editions. 9-part comedy-series co-written with Megazine-editor David Bishop, art by Shaky 2000. Concerning a pair of vigilante nuns, it was a joke-strip without any jokes and people were still writing in about it years after the fact. They hated it.

Various one-shots, including: Tracer, created with artist Paul Peart, for Fleetway's abortive Earthside-8, subsequently appearing in a 2000AD Winter Special. Edwina Strange's Strange Cases and Life Cycle for 2000AD. Descending, with art by Sean Phillips, appeared in Xpresso alongside such prestigious European creators as Minara and Cabanes! Much to the detriment of all.

Of the shorts I did, Life Cycle - drawn by he incomparable Henry Flint - is possibly my favourite. Here's a sample of the art and a copy of the script.


Living With the Janus People, Autobiographical article published in the academic textbook Bisexual Horizons, (Lawrence and Wisheart/Off Pink, 450pp).

"If all of Doctor Who's assistants were laid end-to-end ... that'll be Dave Stone writing it, then." - Joke doing the rounds on Usenet many, many years ago. Where does the time go?