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The Mission

I'm Dave Stone. This is my site. You may call me Mr Stone.

I'm a writer, working mainly in the fields of Licensed Character Exploitation. Comics, novels, audio CD's, these are just a few of the formats of which I'm aware. My accomplishment in any of them is erratic.

Those with any interest or memory may remember that this front page, previously, contained links to a few of my reworked books. A couple of recent developments mean I've taken them down - at least for a while - so I'm currently using it to showcase whatever the last thing it was that I did.

You can find all sorts of other stuff, including more sound clips and reproduced scripts, on the CV Page. Knock yourself out. Also ignore the PayPal thing - it's just there for if and when I ever put up some stuff that's worth some actual money.)

That is all.

I'm currently working on Armitage scripts again, for the Judge Dredd Megazine. They tend to the condition of Murder Mysteries - at least in my own head they do - so the first batch being out I can put up the scripts for anyone who wants to have a look. CAUTION: ANY MYSTERY, SUCH AS IT IS, WILL BE COMPLETELY SPOILT FROM THE START.

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